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i'm rrrretro

Name: Stacey
Age: Sixteen
Location: Porter Ranch, California
Three words to describe yourself: spontaneous, honest, perky
Top 10 Bands: the format, mae, fall out boy, frank sinatra, saves the day, matt costa, the starting line, dashboard confessional, hootie and the blowfish, three doors down
Top 10 Movies: casablanca, singin' in the rain, de-lovely, napoleon dynamite, pillow talk, romy and michelle's high school reunion, the notebook, love actually, anchors aweigh, sabrina
Your rolemodel and why: my brother Brian because he's made some huge mistakes in life and i have learned from them and he is always ready and prepared to teach me something incredible.
What do you believe in: love, peace, perseverance
What dont you believe in: hatred
Favorite Artist: Paul Cezanne
Favorite Article of Clothing you own: my nerdy chaminade high school basketball shorts...they're so comfy.
At Least three pictures:

on the very left

2nd from the left

at gun point hahaha

thank you lovers of loving love.
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