jordan (3_am) wrote in _soretro,

k,i'm retro

 name: jordan
 age: fifteen
 location: in los angeles
 three words to describe yourself: original, humorous, unique
 top 10 bands: the beatles, queen, sublime, greenday, the who, hanson, aerosmith, goo goo dolls, matchbox twenty, dmb, incubus
 top 10 movies: fast times at ridgemont high, the breakfast club, back to the future, back to the future part II, D2: the mighty ducks, matilda, the manturian candidate, the little mermaid, the basketball diaries, what's eating gilbert grape?
 your rolemodel and why: maggie gyllenhaal, because she is a true original. i love her style, her brother, the roles she portrays, and her thoughts.
 what do you believe in: fate and love.
 what dont you believe in: racism
 favorite artist: pablo picasso
 favorite article of clothing you own: my moccasins
 three pictures:

me and the mod. left.left.right.
sorry for the tilting of the heads folks.

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