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I'm Retro.

Name: .Laura.Elizabeth.Epstein. Age: 14, april 12, 1990 Location: Prepy bitchy town(aka calalbasas) Three words to describe yourself:colorful, fun, unique. Top 10 Bands: the beatles, the who, acdc, fall out boy, rooney, yellowcard, beach boys, grateful dead, mae, sabbath Top 10 Movies: the wedding singer, napoleon dynamite, the notebook(cheesy, i know), shattered glass, riding giants, step into liquid, big wednesday... can't think of anymore. Your rolemodel and why: laird hamilton, because he is the best surfer of our time. What do you believe in: g-d. What dont you believe in: racism. Favorite Artist: John Lennon Favorite Article of Clothing you own: abercrombie jeans(they've lasted two years) At Least three pictures: enjoy sorry for all the pix.. i got bored.
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