Persila (x_addicted2u_x) wrote in _soretro,

I'm retro!

Name: Persila
Age: 15, 16 next week
Location: Santa Monica, Cali
Three words to describe yourself: outgoing, caring, energetic
Top 10 Bands: Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Outkast, Dashboard Confessional, No Doubt, (others arent bands) Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Usher, Beyonce
Top 10 Movies: How to lose a guy in 10 days, Mean Girls, Gothika, The Ring, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Spiderman, Duplex, Bringing down the House
Your rolemodel and why: my half brother Omeed because he has been through so much hardship in his life and despite the hardships he has lead a succesful life and im proud of him.
What do you believe in: i believe in a thing called love!
What dont you believe in: i dont believe in monsters, although i did when i was a kid.
Favorite Artist: Christina aguilera. i think she has an amazing voice
Favorite Article of Clothing you own: my pink poncho from bcbg
At Least three pictures:

(on the left)
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