Leonard Nimoy (iamleonardnimoy) wrote in _soretro,
Leonard Nimoy

I'mStamped and I'm Retro:

Name: Angie (Angel)
Age: 16
Location: Dallas, TX
Three words to describe yourself: Artistic/poetic, daydreamer and dramatic
Top 10 Bands: David Bowie, Counting Crows, Led Zeppelin, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Nicks, Aerosmith, Doors, The Rolling Stones, and Ozzy Osbourne.
Top 10 Movies: Lolita, Labyrinth, Star Trek TMP, Star Trek TVH, Star Trek TWOK, Star Trek TSFS, Star Trek TUC, Star Trek TFF, Napoleon Dynamite and The Rose.
Your rolemodel and why: David Bowie, because he is classic and he re-invents himself all the time.
What DO you believe in: Love.

What DONT you believe in: Racism or hating other people.
Favorite Artist: Andy Warhol.
Favorite Article of Clothing you own: My school girl uniforms.

At Least three pictures:

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