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Something Emo is a rating community for hot, sexy, stylish emo kids with kick butt personalitys. This was created by Cori and Jocelyn. Come join and be happy little fuckers. There is some rules though. I guess.. We aren't too anal about them though. So no worries. (we will soon have pictures posted of us.)

the RULES&&

1) All applications MUST be placed under a LJ cut.
2) You must include at least one clear picture of your face.(If you can't it's ok);)
3) If not accepted try again in 2 weeks or so.
4) You are not permitted to vote on other applications until a mod stamps you.
5) Be Respectful of others, in other words, save the drama for your mama.
6) If you do decide to be an asshole, we reserve the right to ban you.
7) Once accepted you must vote on others applications, or post at least once every two weeks.
8) When it comes to voting, majority rules.
9) If you decide to leave the community please make a post to let us know.
10) This is a RATING community. If you can't handle it just don't bother.


1) Your name:
2) Your age:
3) Location:
4) Ten or more favorite bands:
5) Ten or more LEAST favorite bands:
6) One band/artist you'd do anything to see:
7) List somethings you like about yourself:
8) Explain your usual style of dress:
9) Promote us somewhere (include the link):
10) Any piercings or tattoos? (if so explain why you got them):
11) Tell us a funny story:
12) Anything else you'd like to tell us?:
13) Post your pictures (at least one clear image of your face):

We are very friendly as long as you are too :p

the MODs