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rate me! [20 Mar 2005|03:11pm]


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i dont see why this shouldnt be allowed.. [12 Feb 2005|06:51pm]

[ mood | bored ]

+ active members
+ stamped within 2 days
+ weekly themes/contests with auto accept or rejects as prizes
+ honest voting

its simple. if you're hot/cute/sessy, apply here.

rate me. [20 Dec 2004|10:31am]

1) Your name: Jozette
2) Your age: 16
3) Location: Northern Minnesota
4) Ten or more favorite bands: bright eyes, cursive, azure ray, tilly and the wall, the needies, the mute decision, a corrosive melody, you and luck, every effort made, antonio vivaldi, the postal service, ted leo+the pharmacists,  me without you, q and not u, underoath, classic jazz, classical, swing music.
5) Ten or more LEAST favorite bands: good charlotte, sick metal bands, get up kids, fall out boy, bruce springsteen, any kind of rap/hip hop, hoobastank, avril lavigne, hilary duff, lindsey lohan, and i'm pretty sure i won't like paris hilton's music.
6) One band/artist you'd do anything to see: Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack
7) List somethings you like about yourself: i like my hands, my art, my music, my personality (for the most part), my individuality.  [i like to think i'm not like everybody else..]
8) Explain your usual style of dress: on a typical day, i'll wear cuffed jeans that turn into highwaters when i sit down to expose either no socks or mismatched socks.  (i don't see the point in wearing matching socks..however, every now and then i will grab two of the same kind.)  i either wear some kind of shirt i found in my grandma's/grandpa's, mama's, dad's, or little brother's closet.  (reconstructed if it doesn't fit right.) or my favorite brown sweater with a colorful polo underneath with the collar flipped up.  and i'll wear one childish barrette in my hair, or a ribbon.
9) Promote us somewhere (include the link):http://www.livejournal.com/community/barbiegirls/200444.html  [sorry..that's kind of pathetic.]
10) Any piercings or tattoos? (if so explain why you got them): yes, i have my ears single pierced and my right ear double pierced (i chickened out for the left one..ha.)  and a monroe piercing.  i got the monroe piercing because i needed a change and i thought it would be cute. people think of you differently...which is a good and a bad thing.  they'll give you flyers for the latest screamo show but they'll also stereotype you into a certain type of people.  they don't see me as a classical music lover, swing dancer, girl who is skilled with a paintbrush.  ...oh well.  (that was a long rant, sorry.)  and i'm debating between two tattoos, i'm not sure which one to get.
11) Tell us a funny story: a funny story...hrm.  my chubby friend, cory, my boyfriend, kyle, and their other friend, jeremy/bubba (whom is not fat), were skateboarding home from a resteraunt where cory ate two huge orders of very spicy nachos.  halfway to kyle's house, cory started feeling very very sick.  they skated infront of a bar and some older drunk men were in their car.  they yelled out their window fuck skateboarders! and laughed.  Cory turned around (on his skateboard) gave the guys the finger and fell over.  While falling over, he kind of lost control of his bowels, and... shit himself.  he had to skate to wal-mart before he could clean himself up, gross.  So now we always say to him:  You tried to be cool, Fell, and Shat yourself.  then we laugh.  I guess you just have to know Cory or the han-man to get how truly hilarious this story is.  But..if that story didn't make you laugh, hopefully this one will.  This morning my grandma got stuck in our refridgerator.  Her wheelchair got stuck on some bar in the fridge.  Now that made me laugh.
12) Anything else you'd like to tell us?: If you don't actually like me... approve of me anyways because you need more members (;
13) Post your pictures (at least one clear image of your face):

excuse the pimples in the first few pictures, post menstrual.. i hope you understand.  (;

my younger brother is a stud.  don't you think?

anyways..thanks for taking time to read this!  it was really long and i hope the pictures aren't too big...

[25 Nov 2004|06:00pm]


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[09 Oct 2004|05:39pm]

Just testing this out for Jocelyn. No this isn't Jocelyn. This is Cori.

Jocelyn it works. It works!

[09 Oct 2004|03:26pm]

Well me and Jocelyn started a "community" I don't even know the theme of it really. I guess kids who feel they have similarities with us. COME JOIN! I'm still sketchy on how to work the whole thing. But i'll get the hang of it. It's pretty spifay. We are gonna post pictures soon too. If you wanna join ask or idk check it out or. hmm I have no idea. See Jocelyn for details on that.

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