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i'm a mod. but i'm doing the survey. woo.

Name: LeAnne
Sexual preference: boys AND girls
At least 4 favorite bands: the blood brothers, glassjaw, norma jean, mae, alexisonfire, andrew wk, atreyu, mest, mxpx, the mars volta, thrice, thursday
Whats your style: whatever i feel like wearing. best friend calls me "emo fucker" if that helps any.
At lease 3 movies: fight club, bowling for columbine, school of rock
3 books: the perks of being a wallflower (chbosky), go ask alice (anonnymus), rainbow boys (i have no clue who it's by)
Band Lyric: "and a morning dove gets caught in a telephone wire" cross out the eyes- thursday
Where'd ya hear about us?: i'm a mod. duh! :-* emmaleeeee if you really want to know.
Why should we say yes?: HA. you don't have to. hmm maybe cos i'm hot?!
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    "usa nails" by the blood brothers