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Name: Laura
Age: 16
Sexual preference: Straight

At least 4 favorite bands: I don't like many bands at all, I'm someone who likes an individuals music. I love Norah Jones, Dido, Madonna (just her late 80's and 90's stuff), Savage Garden
Whats your style: Quirky.
At least 3 movies: Coyote Ugly, Erin Brokavich and Sliding Doors
3 books: His Dark Materials Trilogy is really good, I like its philosophy and how the plot twists and turns. I also love the Sally Lockhart novels by Phillip Pullman, they're set in London and every one is different but the characters are very interesting, also it's very descriptive and accurate when it comes to life in London in the late 1800's which is cool. I also love Harry Potter as well but I'm getting a bit bored waiting for more to come.
Band Lyric: "I am human and I need to be loved, Just like everybody else does." (theme tune to charmed)
Where'd ya hear about us?: I didn't, I just searched and found you.
Why should we say yes: Because I'm honest, creative and I have a good sense of humor. I can't force you to say yes and I know that mathimatically (looking at my application history) most people will say no. If you like someone who's chatty and confident, that's me.


Eating Dissorders- Very vague subject, i'll just talk about one aspect because otherwise I'll be talking forever. I blame the media for teenagers, especially young ones or ones who are easily influenced for anorexia. It comes to something when people make themselves critically ill because in their view it's the only way to get accepted into society. I think the media should do more to prevent girls getting aneroxia, things like allowing larger sized super models or having less stick insect singers would really help stop the problem.
Abortion- I'm pro-life, I won't go into detail because I know a lot of people are pro-choice and they don't like me challenging them.
Homosexuality- Absolutely fine, you can't help who you love. It's becoming more and more acceptable. I don't find it disturbing at all, I never have done.
Straight Edge (sXe)- Okay I've just googled it and found some information about it on the BBC, it's obviously American and I'm British so I can't really give an opinion. A band is it? Looks really violent but speaking out about issues a little like Eminem does and similar artists. I'm fine with that just as long as it doesn't encourage violence but makes young people aware of the issues. They're more likely to listen and take an opinion if it's taught through the media rather than through school. I hoe I'm not talking garble here.

This is me being a menace infront of the camera. The funniest thing is taht matthew (my best friend) didnt realise i was doing it behind him, i think he looks more stupid if not as much as me.

Me, Sophie and Matthew (obviously I'm the over-the-top blonde.) This is at alton towers theme park a few months ago, it was the best day of the summer.

This is me a few years back when i was 14, Sophie only got the foto developed last week and it made me smile when i saw it.

Me and Sophie with Sophies birthday present from me (she likes musical instruments)

This is us on one of the rides at alton towers - my face doesnt normally look so stupid.
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