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Name: Jennifer Leigh
Age: 15
Sexual preference: boys and girls
At least 4 favorite bands: Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Saliva, and Vanessa Carlton
Whats your style: my style?  idk  I'm not a big name brand fanatic.  I just wear whatever looks best on me.
At least 3 movies: Girl Interrupted, Uptown Girls, and The New Best Friend

3 books: The Girl Death Left Behind, Keeping You a Secret ;), and Sunburn
Band Lyric: "Do something magical and disappear." ~Liars
Where'd ya hear about us?: bunana007
Why should we say yes: um...I'll pay you??


Eating Dissorders- I have a wavering viewpoint when it comes to this.  I feel that if there is something you don't like about yourself-change it.  I suppose if someone is willing to sacrifice his/her physical well-being, they evidently think it's worth it and it's their decision.  But I, personally, would never dream of going to such levels.
Abortion- NEVER.  killing your own kid is just fucking wrong.
Homosexuality- why is it even controversial?  I think any affection from one human being to another is beautiful.
Straight Edge (sXe)- 
power to the ones who are involved in it.  but it must suck.

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