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Name: Angel
Age: 16
Sexual preference: I prefer guys
At least 4 favorite bands: Modest Mouse, The blood brothers, Norma Jean, Zao
Whats your style: emo meets the brady bunch
At lease 3 movies: Fight Club, Donnie Darko, Tank Girl
3 books: The Bell Jar, Catcher in the Rye, She's come undone.
Band Lyric: "This plane is defiantly crashing. This boat is obviously sinking. This building's totally burning down. And my heart has slowly dried up." ~Modest Mouse = Shit luck
Where'd ya hear about us?: An Anonymous link left in my journal
Why should we say yes: Well you should say yes because I am simply irresitably hott and you all know it!


Eating Dissorders- Well my mother was Anorexic 3 times so I guess I can see why people do that but I don't think that I would ever have on considering I weigh a whole 95 lbs.
Abortion- If I had an unwanted pregnancy I would get one, Pro-Choice for sure
Homosexuality- I'm down with the Homosexuals, they are some of the funnest people to hang out with
Straight Edge (sXe)- its a good way to live but I don't consider myself sXe
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