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Name: Kelly
Age: 14
Sexual preference: Heterosexual
At least 4 favorite bands: piebald, radiohead, ryan adams, deathcab for cutie
Whats your style: I dress to impress. There's nothing else to it
At least 3 movies: Uptown Girls, Girl` Interrupted, Freaky Friday
3 books: Stargirl, Better Than Running at Night, Homecoming
Band Lyric: I just wanna be your firecracker, and maybe your baby tonight
Where'd ya hear about us?: From Emmalee
Why should we say yes: Because I'm hot, why else?


Eating Disorders- I am a 'recovered' bulimic according to doctors, my parents, and my psychiatrists- I guess you could say. I have visited psychiatrists for over 2 years now, but I still have bulimic tendencies. I doubt I will ever truly recover, I mean it's not like I want to anyways. Therefore, I am pro- eating disorders.
Abortion- If I were to get pregnant on accident I would get an abortion, I am alright with it.
Homosexuality- There's nothing wrong with Homosexuality. I have probably kissed more girls than most guys have, and if you like people of the opposite sex, then good for you.
Straight Edge (sXe)- I live to drink.
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