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im new.


Name: Amanda.
Age: 14.
Sexual preference: heterosexual
At least 4 favorite bands: bright eyes. the doors. weezer. & rooney.
Whats your style: i dont really have one.
At lease 3 movies: monty python and the holy grail. edward scissorhands. & tommy boy.
3 books: wild child {book about jim morrison.} white oleander. and thats all.
Band Lyric: i like so many but heres one." now, you get yours, baby i'll get mine gonna make it baby if we try." -five to one; the doors.
Where'd ya hear about us?:headxoverxfeet
Why should we say yes: you would have one more member! :]


Eating Disorders- i don't really see how someone could hate there image so much that they would make themself throw up or just not eat. i think there horrible and i wish people wouldnt have them.
Abortion- im prochoice.
Homosexuality- i think homosexuality is a way of life and i think its your choice. homosexuals act the same as heterosexual people.
Straight Edge (sXe)- i think its great. and better and safer for everyone. {im straight edge.}

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