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I need people to help me promote and make it hot and everything. So if your intrested leave me a comment!


I have changed my journal to carcrash_cliche. So I will start using that one on here also.
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Hey everyone..
i just made a new community.


first 10 get in automatically. join please! <333

also, whoever can make some hot stamps that i approve of, can be a mod! (we need 2 more)
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This community is really cool. Don't get me wrong when I say this. I enjoy being a part of it, and my little sister made it, so that's great. So please, when you read this don't fucking comment telling me to get out of the community because I can't "handle it" or whatever. Because I will kill you.

The other day user "Deciding" left a post on this journal, and instead of being welcomed into the community by open arms and open hearts, she was given alot of bullshit because of her sexuality. It's 2004 kids. If you can't handle someone being gay, then you don't even deserve the right to be out of your room. Go back to the 50's you assholes. Emmalee and I were raised not to care about someone's sexuality, and hell, maybe you all weren't raised like that. But just because your hair is black and you have thick black eyeliner on and cuffed jeans and a white belt doesn't make you any better than anyone else in the world. And if you have a problem with that, then oh fucking well. Your ignorance makes me so happy, that your seemingly "vicious" attacks on me would bring me great pleasure.

I'm glad my sister and I were rasied right. That's all I have to say about that.