Are you so hotttt?

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1. Don't join if your ugly.
2. If we think your ugly, get the fuck out. Don't start drama with us. It's not our fault your ugly.
3. On your application put, "Am I so hot?" in the subject line.
4. Post your application within 24 hours of joining. If not, you will be removed.
5. Don't fuck with the mods or members. You will be banned.
6. Mods and members have the right to tell you if your ugly, don't complain.
6. Once your in, vote and promote.
7. Answer every question on the application. We didn't make questions for you not to answer.
8. Don't be a fuck.
9. Use a cut for your application and any pictures you post.


1. Name:
2. Age:
3. From:
4. Five favorite bands, don't go into some huge list:
5. Five favorite songs:
6. Three favorite movies:
7. Three favorite books:
8. Why should we accept you:
9. Share something about you:
10. Promote us in a community and in your journal and paste both links:
11. At least three clear pictures of yourself: