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1.) Name: Nikki
2.) Age: 17
3.) Location: Greenville/S.C.
4.) Sexuality: Straight


1.) Stero-typing:
Just an ignorant way to label
2.) Drugs: Its a gateway, either to amazing possibilites or to your own living hell, it really depends on how you handle yourself/
a.) Cigs: yeah i think its just a recreation
b.) Alcohol: people do some funny shit when they are drunk
c.) Illegal: well illegal is a boundary on what people can't handle with, so some things that are illegal like drinking & driving, thats a good illegal...
3.) Today's Society: i believe that people are going to create their own end of the world catastrophy, we are way too concern


1.) List some bands you enjoy listening to:
Forest For The Trees, Aphex Twins, Bouncing Souls, Against Me!, The Detroit Cobras, Horrorpops, X, Adam And The Ants, U.S. Bombs, Distillers, Jack Johnson, Social D., F-Minus, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Misfits, Virus Nine, Bright Eyes, Cracker, Shins, Bjork, Lou Reed, Ramones, River City Rebels, The Queers, Cheerleader 666, Leftover Crack, Lot 6, 59 times the Pain, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, X Ray Spex, Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Roxy Music, Bob Dylan, Ugly Casanova, M.C. Pee Pants, Nofx, Grade, The Weakerthans, Frank Sinatra, Queen, Bob Marley, The Cramps, The Specials, The Beat, The Von Bondies, etc.....!!!
2.) How do you feel about the many genere's of music? i think its a beauty because music is truely a universal language and with all these genere's colliding these days new styles are taking place.

[You As A Person]

1.) What do you do in your spare time?
write, shop, clean, or sleep
2.) Goals? to someday become successful with fashion
3.) Breif freestyle writing about yourself. Whatever it is you'd like to inform us about. I am who people make me out to be...i find myself anywhere i can be entertained...i live at home but i want to move in with my boyfriend...often times i think i'm depressed because i always watch other people's lifes rather than focusing on my own...i love going to shows, partically punk shit, i find those kind of shows more fun because you can dance all crazy, its a release for my pent up frustrations...i work in a vietnamese restaurant and i want to find a new job...i just saw bob dylan and willie nelson 2 days ago....thats about it
4.) What are some of your pet peeves? liars, thieves, people who feel they need to be the center of attention, people who have no clue about what they preach


1.) Why is is that you would like to join _sohollywood?
because i use to take a film and video class, i love fashion, and i want to move out to cali
2.) How'd you hear about us? through a search
3.) Any suggestions on making this a better community? make advertisements and post them in other communities

[Pictures] Post a couple pictures.


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