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1.) Name: Libby Lavigne
2.) Age: 15
3.) Location: VA
4.) Sexuality: straight


1.) Stero-typing: It's stupid and people who do it need to stop being thick-headed... although I think EVERYONE stereotypes every once in a blue moon.
2.) Drugs: I dont like them, but Im not against people who do them.
a.) Cigs I think they are stupid because they kill you, make you smell like smoke no matter how much perfume/cologne you wear (something I have to deal with everyday and I HATE it) and you dont even get a high off of it... if you are going to aid in your death at least get some fun out of it.
b.) Alcohol It's okay as long as you dont become a drunk and as long as you are a stupid little 13 yr old trying to impress ppl
c.) Illegal "Illegal" what?
3.) Today's Society: It is okay I guess. I think people are really stupid, but you will never escape it so Ive learned to deal with it.


1.) List some bands you enjoy listening to: Atreyu, MCR, TBS, Lost Prophets, Greenday, Spill Canvas, Lyndsay Diaries, Hawthorne Heights... basically emo,punk,and hardcore... but I listen to EVERYTHING except country... and I LOVEEEE classical music (I play violin)
2.) How do you feel about the many genere's of music? I like the diversity.

[You As A Person]

1.) What do you do in your spare time? Talk on the phone, sing, write (music/stories), play musical instruments, go to the mall, shop, go to the movies, iceskate, hang out with friends, read, listen to music.
2.) Goals? To get inot JMU, get my grades up, lose weight, becaome less self-concious.... that old chestnut.
3.) Breif freestyle writing about yourself. Whatever it is you'd like to inform us about. Hmmm... I will leave you with a random fact about me...
I am related to Merriam Webster...the dictionary guy... he is my g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-great grandpa :)
4.) What are some of your pet peeves?


1.) Why is is that you would like to join _sohollywood? because it's an awsome community
2.) How'd you hear about us? LJ interests link
3.) Any suggestions on making this a better community? Let me in it?

[Pictures] Post a couple pictures.


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