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1.) Name: Phoebe
2.) Age: 17
3.) Location: houston, tx
4.) Sexuality: female


1.) Stero-typing: breakfast club
2.) Drugs: can't get enough
a.) Cigs: flirt to get them
b.) Alcohol: tasty
c.) Illegal: makes it more fun
3.) Today's Society: what are you gonna do?


1.) List some bands you enjoy listening to: telepopmusic, christina aguilera, fischerspooner, ladytron, felix da housecat
2.) How do you feel about the many genere's of music? I think its wonderful, and I like how they cross over once in a while, makes it interesting.

[You As A Person]

1.) What do you do in your spare time? write, watch movies, draw art, I sing (out of tune), hang out with my friends (if they call me), shop (alot), look at magazines (old and new), fashion, fashion, fashion.
2.) Goals? to merchandise myself, to be successful in everything I do, to not loose sight, to be famous.
3.) Breif freestyle writing about yourself. Whatever it is you'd like to inform us about. I am the most fabulous person on the face of the earth. (ha.) I'm a huge movie buff and I have a killer eye for spotting what will be next in fashion. I love to party. I take pictures, so I guess I'm a photographer? I play the piano, and I am currently working on a collection of my art. I love to write (but only when I'm in the mood). And I like to read books that have been made into movies so that I can watch the movies afterwards.
4.) What are some of your pet peeves? anything that doesn't go my way.


1.) Why is is that you would like to join _sohollywood? because I am SO HOLLYWOOD, and because I like to fill out applications for communities.
2.) How'd you hear about us? I was looking for a marilyn picture and I stumbled onto your community, and I though "this is cool I will join it."
3.) Any suggestions on making this a better community?
it looks great to me
[Pictures] Post a couple pictures.





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