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Application :)

Hi :) I'm Cryzanna and I'm a newbie *lol* here's my application.


1.) Name:Cryzanna DiMarco-Christansen
2.) Age:18
3.) Location: Primarily West Hollywood California, but also Tuscany Italy
4.) Sexuality: Hetero


1.) Stero-typing: Can't really be avoided so long as there's a class system
2.) Drugs: depends on what kind :P
a.) Cigs: disgusting habit
b.) Alcohol: I'd like some :)
c.) Illegal: what kind of illegal?
3.) Today's Society: sad but true that it's long since had it's glory...but theres still some good parts left.


1.) List some bands you enjoy listening to: Deadsy, Lunarclick, Radiohead, The Strokes, The Vines, The Ravonettes,
2.) How do you feel about the many genere's of music? I tend to like most music....but I really cant stand boy bands and most rap.

[You As A Person]

1.) What do you do in your spare time? Ride horses, hit the social scene, parties, look pretty, act, shop, paint, decorate,
2.) Goals? I'd like to eventually break my way into larger scale acting, or fashion design
3.) Breif freestyle writing about yourself. Whatever it is you'd like to inform us about: I've lived a privilaged life...I have expensive taste, I'm a social whore, and I wouldnt change a bit of it.
4.) What are some of your pet peeves?: People who don't shower regularly, jealous people, people who assume things about me, the way white flour products are so damn good but so damn harsh on the waist line


1.) Why is is that you would like to join _sohollywood? I adore anything "old hollywood" cant really put my finger on anything else
2.) How'd you hear about us? looking through random communites
3.) Any suggestions on making this a better community? not at the moment no

[Pictures] Post a couple pictures.

my neck is not really that fat....its just the angle

please excuse the messiful mess *lol* it was taken after a long night at my friend Gianna's house in Sicily and was an odd sleep over as you can see
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