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i've been recording some lo-fi spacey stuff with too much reverb and too many vocal tracks. it's too much fun and i like it a lot. so will you! all love letters will be replied to, and anyone who wants a cd can have one   maybe.

the first of many samples. download here

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    the panics - my best mistake

europe mix

Saturday night
Live from Fairbanks, Alaska
KSUA Radio
United Nations of Music
With Ian
Tomorrow 21:00 pm UTC
(00:00 Moscow time)

tomorrow you’ll maybe hear

mew from Denmark
raimonds tiguls from Latvia
pia fraus from Estonia
smolik from Poland
debout sur le zinc from France
yonderboi from Hungary
mus from Spain
aavikko from Finland
an pierle from Belgium
nicola conte from Italy
landmine spring from Czechia
sigur ros from Iceland
club 8 from Sweden
poor rich ones from Norway
we vs. death from Netherlands
notwist from Germany
silence kit from Russia

and many more… maybe...
listen >>>online<<<
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    jaga jazzist - oslo skyline

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My name is Allison and I'm new to livejournal, and I like Voxtrot, so I joined this community. I also like The Microphones, random hip-hop/trance/idm shit, and Radiohead. I like The Microphones alot. I also like chocolate cake. I also need friends. You can add me if you want.