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This is a graphics community that is owned & maintained by cemipi and candies, they are also the only artists. No other artists will be needed. We will post our graphics for others to use. Membership is open, so go ahead and join, no need to ask us to “add” you!

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1. Always credit our graphics.
2. Comment with exact number of icons you are taking.
3. NEVER post our graphics to stolen icon communities or anywhere else.
4. NEVER direct-link images, upload to your own server.
5. No customizing any of our work.
6. No claiming of our work as your own.
7. Only cemipi and candies have posting access.
8. No drama whatsoever, save that for The Real World ;].
9. No personal requests can be made, this is a pre-made community; sometimes requests will be offered.
10. Have Questions? contact: sodelicate@gmail.com

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Want to become an affiliate, and have your community promoted here? contact either candies or cemipi!

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save to own server please!

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