New MySpace CD with Socratic

Has anyone heard anything about the new myspace cd? it has a Socratic song on it! its good to hear that myspace is actually putting out a cd...and with good bands like Weezer, AFI and Socratic. So it came out today and i guess you can add 4 photos to your profile if you buy it too

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Does anyone have the track listing for It's Getting Late? I checked for it on No Milk's website and they don't have it on there anymore. They're selling it on though, and I'm thinking about buying it but if it's just a bunch of tracks that are on Lunch for the Sky I probably won't.

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The Low Down on the DTR vol. 3 DVD pre-sale!!!

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really sad news

i just heard from kevin that the guys are having to drop off of the amber pacific/houston calls tour two days early. if any of you were going to either minneapolis or iowa city just for them, save the gas and ticket money.

don't get me wrong, i'm still totally going for houston calls. i'm really incredibly sad that i won't get to see them though.

i flipping hung out with them last year when they were stuck in iowa city and i still lived in california! now i'll probably have to wait another 11 months to see them!

(yes mal, this is what my voice mail is about.)