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SOAP BOX | Get on up!

Get it off your chest, but be prepared to back it up.

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Anybody , Moderated
This is the proverbial soap box, but it isn't one-sided... if we take the time to listen, you take the time to discuss. Bring your thoughts, grievances, questions, and issues here, but play fair and be prepared to defend your position. This community is about generating discussion and or debate on topics that don't generally get aired anywhere else, but that doesn't exclude major current events or issues from being aired here. I want to encourage discussion, so I am not into over-moderating. The only things I won't tolerate are extreme flames and spamming. Having said that I would like to encourage really interesting and thoughtful discussion, so while it most definitely isn't required, I'd like to encourage people to be as entertaining, witty, engaging, and clever as possible - after all, if you were in a town square you'd need to be in order to get people's attention and keep them listening! Cheers, Have fun! :^D

What is okay in this community:
- Rants
- Hypotheical questions
- Manifestoes and position statements
- Humour and cartoons that fit within context of community
- Questions about life the universe and everything
- Discussion on sensitive topics and groups
- News stories, reviews, essays, song lyrics, poems, art, culture
- Announcements and/or ads that fit in the context of the community
- Musings and observations that you just have to share with the group
- Asking lifeisacabaret before posting when in doubt

What is not okay in this community:
- Rants that are trivial or are just flames
- Flames of groups, members, flame wars and spamming threads
- Ad hominem (i.e. attacking the person instead of their argument)
- Jokes and/or humour that amount to flames
- Hate speech that targets groups with a call to action against them
- Religious preaching or conversion attempts - don't post it if you don't intend to back it up or debate it
- No hijacking discussion into other journals - conversation generated here takes place here. It is okay to mention cross-posts or to talk about conversations in other communties. (This also means no community pimping.)
- Deleting or freezing comments or threads - not okay, don't do it
- Since it is a new community, I reserve the right to alter the community rules as necessity dictates

I do require that very long or image-heavy posts be put behind an LJ cut. This makes it so that people with slow connections don't have to load a lot of stuff without warning, and so that people browsing their friends pages can see several posts on a page, rather than one long one. When you put part of a post under a cut, only the part that is above it will show on the friends page, the rest will be accessed by a link.

Here's how you make an LJ cut:
Usually it's okay to have the first paragraph or first small image above your cut, depending on the length. If it takes up the whole page then it's too long - when in doubt just err on the side of putting less above your cut. Put your cut under the last line that you want visible on friends pages.
Then type in an angle bracket like this: < then: LJ-cut text="Read more..." and then another angle bracket, like this: >. Now everything above that tag in your post will show on people's friends pages, with a link underneath it that says (Read more...). When people click on the link, it will take them to the rest of your post. It's that easy. You can even replace the words "Read more" with anything else you want, just make sure the only thing you change are the words, keep the quotes.

Help with debating
While this isn't strictly a debating community, a lot of it happens here, and by request here's some help with the fine art of debating. If you want to argue well or articulately point out the flaws in your opponent's logic, then here are some resources you can turn to for a bit of help:
- Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies
- The Fallacy Files

If you need to contact me for any reason (other than to harass or spam me, etc) there are a number of ways listed in my personal journal - lifeisacabaret

If you can think of a resource or useful link that should be posted here, let me know!