EMALEE (__waitingfor) wrote in _so_vain,


  • (no subject)

    1. Name: Katee 2. Age: 14 3. location: Pittsburgh, PA 4. Penis size: 12 inches, I mean, wait, what? 5. Cup size: 34B 6. Tell me something interesting…

  • Application

    1. Name?: Emily 2. Age?: Fourtreen 3. Location?: Columbia, SC 4. Penis size?: N/A 5. Cup size?: 34B 6. Tell me something interesting about you: I can…

  • (no subject)

    taylormariesmith. 16fuckingyearsold. iowaaa [sucks.] too bad i don't have a penis. 36B. fuckin tiny. i can sit like this: only if i…

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