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for heart rates and subjugates [applicant]

name phoenix rue
age 20 [the oldest applicant?]
location UCB - Berkeley, CA
penis size strangers know, i'm that huge
cup size i prefer shot glasses. and i like em dirty.
something interesting about me i can see through walls. i want to be a commercial pilot for the german airline Lufthansa, fuck the college degree.
would you go down on us does that constitute simultaneously? because i am that talented.
greatest gift anyone can give an escape from the routine
ten bands elbow. eisley. sigur ros. rufus wainwright. marc broussard. led zeppelin . david bowie. the doors. tomahawk. tool.
if you were a fruit what kind would you be? would you be eaten or thrown? If thrown, then at who? starfruit. because how rad would it be to say: im a star fruit when someone asks your nationality? i'd be thrown- at the little boys at M.J.'s neverland. because thats what they need, more traumatisation from having a fruit thrown at them.

hanging curtains
bw smile
working girl


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