Nicole (love_as_suicide) wrote in _so_vain,

1. Name: Nicole Renae
2. Age: 16
3. location: Charlton MA
4. Penis size (The mods need some penis lovin): if I had a penis, I'd def. want to be at least 15
5. Cup size (I guess we have to be fair): 34B
6. Tell me something interesting about you: I like to dance around in my house with a tutu
7. Would you go down on us? ;): you just give a name place and date and I'm there
8. Greatest gift anyone can give: a digital camera
9. Ten bands: brand new, mest, yellowcard, weezer, the spill canvas, the killers, taking back sunday, starting line, hawthorne heights, sugarcult
10. If you were a fruit what kind would you be? Would you be eaten or thrown? And if thrown then at who? an orange, thrown, the marching band
11. Is pimping easy? if you got the skill like me
12. Were you invited by someone? If so.. by who? no



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