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um, so, yeah. i'm already a member, but my other journal was deleted. so basically, i don't really have to apply. but what the hell, i have nothing else to do. and it's not a big risk because 1) i'm a member and all, and you can't prevent a member from being a member, and 2) tany, elaine, and caitie all love me. like, to the point of obsession. it's strange. i guess i'm just THAT hot.


1. name: devon.
2. age: seventeen.
3. location: berkeley, ca.
4. penis size (The mods need some penis lovin) nonexistent. sorry.
5. cup size (I guess we have to be fair): huuuuge.
6. tell me something interesting about you: i'm in the berkeley rubber band club.
7. would you go down on us? ;) like i haven't already.
8. greatest gift anyone can give: a song written just for you. or love. or, hey, cold hard cash. whatever works.
9. ten bands: azure ray, ben gibbard, iron & wine, sharks keep moving, ben lee, elliott smith, the shins, fischerspooner, the faint, old jimmy eat world
10. if you were a fruit what kind would you be? Would you be eaten or thrown? And if thrown then at who?: um, what the hell? okay, i would be a papaya, and i would be thrown at george w. bush. i mean, if a pretzel can knock him unconscious, i'd probably be able to do a little damage as a papaya.
11. is pimping easy? helll nah
12. were you invited by someone? if so.. by who? by tany, a million years ago.

oh god it's me without makeup. i figured i'd be honest. brace yourself.

blah. i'll take better pictures in the future. i promise.
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