staceyface (__obsession__) wrote in _so_vain,

1. Name Stacey
2. Age    16
3. location  ventura, ca. EW
4. Penis size (The mods need some penis lovin)  HUGE!! like john cruz huge.
5. Cup size (I guess we have to be fair)   A, thanks. now i feel like shit.
6. Tell me something interesting about you.  when i was little i bit half of my tounge completly off. but its okay cause they sewed it back on.
7. Would you go down on us? ;)  OBVIOUSLY!
8. Greatest gift anyone can give   food. and happiness

9. Ten bands postal service, death cab, depeche mode, the smiths, berlin, as i lay dying, fall out boy, the linden murder, contra. (hahaha)
10. If you were a fruit what kind would you be? Would you be eaten or thrown? And if thrown then at who?  i would be, uhm.. a PEAR. i would be THROWN.. AT KORTNEES FACE. stupid whore.
11. Is pimping easy? meh. it has its good points and bad points.
12. Were you invited by someone? If so.. by who? 
a long time ago by elaine head <3




 dont we make you sick?! (this is all credit to elaine. thanks. i owe you.)

my last thoughts: SHOOOOOZ!

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