January 3rd, 2005



1. Name: courtney
2. Age: 15
3. locatio:tampa fl
4. Penis size (The mods need some penis lovin)doesnt exist. but if it did, it would be huge.
5. Cup size (I guess we have to be fair)34C almost a D
6. Tell me something interesting about you. i'm only 4'10" muahaha
7. Would you go down on us? ;) sorry sweeties
8. Greatest gift anyone can give: love and happiness
9. Ten bands: brand new, taking back sunday, fall out boy, dashboard confessional, my chemical romance, hoobastank, yellowcard, maroon 5, evanescence, switchfoot
10. If you were a fruit what kind would you be? Would you be eaten or thrown? And if thrown then at who? i think i'd be a strawberry. hopefully i'd be eaten by my secret crush ;)
11. Is pimping easy?i dont pimp anymore because it was too much work =)
12. Were you invited by someone? If so.. by who? no...i was looking for communities like this =)

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