*Personal Information*
Name: Juliet
Age: 17
Location:Greenwich, Connecticut
Zodiac Sign (Aquarius,Cancer,ect..):Leo
Screen name(s):dirrtyblonde513 (AIM)
Sexuality:straight...boys yummmyy
Do you, or Did you do any of the following..: drugs/alcohol/cigarettes? nope.

*Favorites (4x)*
Favorite Songs/Artists: Something Corporate- Me and the Moon
Favorite Movies:Bring it On, Practical Magic
Favorite Books:Gossip Girl series
What are some of your hobbies:diving, gymnastics, tennis
Random likes:hott boys
Random dislikes:crying
Favorite/Least Favorite feature:my bangs
Favorite artical of clothing: thongs

*Personal Reviews*
Abortion:its up to the mother to decide...its her body
Homosexuality/Gay marriages: whatever floats their boat.
War:not always necessary
Eating Disorders:it happens. people need to be less self conscious
Straight Edge (sXe):dont know what that is
Suicide:there are other ways to solve your problems
Labels:not necessary
The Government:doing ok so far. (dont like bush too much)

How did you hear about this community: from lil_angel13565
Why should you be accepted:I think im pretty and have a nice bod. But that's up to you isn't it? Tell me what you truthfully think.
Must promote this community to atleast 2 people:

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