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Miss Emily Anne*

Aren't I so adorable?

If anyone invited you, who was it?: no one =]
Name: emily anne
Age: 16
Gender: female
Location: S.E. Mass
Sign: pieces
Sexual Preference: bisexual
Status (Provide picture if possible):
single right now, but my hearts taken

Favorites (Post 3-5 of each)
Movies: 10 things i hate about you, sweet home alabama, beauty & the beast
TV Shows: law & order: svu, laguna beach, date my mom
TV Channels: MTV, comedy central, USA, ABC family
Magazines: seventeen, cosmo, cosmo girl, teen vogue
Bands/Singers: fall out boy, ashlee simpson, kelly clarkson
Stores: wal-mart =], deb, rave, hollister
Foods/Drinks: chciken, rootbear float, mashed potatoes
pink, baby blue, black, green

About you
What are your pet peeves?: most of all, liars. && people that pretend to like you to your face, but once you leave they talk crap.
What do you like to do in your free time?: talk to my bestfriend/ex, go online, spend time with my friends
Who do you look up to, and why?: i look up to my mom. she has put up with me & my 2 brother for a long time, & kept the house clean, & worked. i don't know how she can do it.

Tell us what you think about... (Elaborate as much as possible)
sweetascandiixo: we have the same name. =] but i don't judge people i don't know. so yeah.
x0_precious: i love her username. again, i don't judge.
And Co-MODS:
bombshellxx: if i knew her a lil better, i'd tell you what i though of her.
jen_rox: i guess her name is jen, but that's all i know. oh yeah, && that she rox.
Abortion: i'm pro-choice. personally i would never get one. but i think that they should be avaialable to eevryone. the goverment shouldn't tell women what to do with their own bodies. most of the people on congress are men, & will never be in the situation of whether or not to get one. in cases of rape, then i say go for it. you might not want to carry that child with you.
Piercings & Tattoos: i think it's a good way to express yourself. it's your body. but i also think that people that have a zillion peircing AND tattoos, really shouldn't. especially if they want to get a job later on in life? then what? now you're stuck with everything all over your face, & everything. no matter whatt, people are going to judge you, or remember you by your 1st impression.
Plastic Surgery: i don't really have an opinion on this. sorry..
Sex Before Marriage: sex is about love, not a peice of paper. if you are in love, & i mean really in love, then go ahead. it's your life, your choice. marriage shouldn't really have anything to do with sex.
Gay Marriage:i am for it. being bisexual & having one of my cousin's being a lesbian. for everyone who is against it.. are you against interracial relationships? casue it's the same thing. marriage is about love, not color or sexuality. & if you're thinking, 'omg, what is this girl saying' well, yes, the bible does say gay marriage is wrong, but it also says that fathers can sell their daughters into slavery. i'm sorry. but neither of those are potically correct these days.
Suicide: there is always a better way. killing yourself is very selfish. just think about all those people that really do love you, that will be hurt when they find out what you did? i would never be able to commit suicide, even if my life was really bad.
Paris Hilton: what kind of question is that? she's a girl, same as everyone else, maybe with a lil more money. that's it. i don't see what the big fuss about her is.

This or That
Ashlee/Jessica: ashlee
Hilary/Lindsay: lindsay
CD/Radio: radio
Paris/Nicky: paris
Mary-Kate/Ashley: mary-kate
Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla
The Real World/Laguna Beach: laguna beach
Tv/Computer: computer
Winter/Summer: summer
Spring/Fall: fall
Pink/Purple: pink
Green/Blue: blue
Nike/Adidas: adidas
AIM/Phone: AIM
Abercrombie/Aeropostale: neither .. ew
Wetseal/H&M: H&M
Gucci/Prada: neither.. too expenise for my tase
Mall/Regular Store: mall
Purses/Backpacks: purse
Usher/Eminem: eminem
Guess/Coach: neither

Word Association
Eminem: white
Pink: doll
Blue: ocean
Abercrombie (and Fitch): boys
Adorable(dont say "me!"): teddy bear
Black: screen
Ashlee Simpson: ryan caberera
Mall: friends
Goth: hot topic
Homosexuality: lol
Mary-Kate and Ashley: twins
Punk: pennywise
Usher: caught up
Cute: boys
Rap: crap
Beautiful: girls
Love: lust
Jesse McCartney: ew
Gorgeous: not me
Relationship: love

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If you could be a member of the opposite sex for 24 hours, what would you do?:
talk, & maybe cuddle if they were cute
The Community
Promote us to atleast 3 places, and prove it with the links.. (We will check so making them up wont work):http://www.livejournal.com/community/antiquotexwhore/33303.html?mode=reply
Why should you be accepted into _so_adorable?: casue i'm adadorable

Post A Salute [username @ livejournal.com]: i dont have my digital with me.. sorry
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me && my son =] lol
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