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rateing community

_sO_bEauTiFuL x3
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we are;
Rating community based on looks mostly & some
answers to the application that can be found below.

If you are NOT accepted into this community DO NOT MAKE COMMENTS TO OTHER PEOPLE! This is a rating community which means you insert an application to be rated and THEN you commentif accepted. If you do not like those rules go to ANOTHER community where you are ALLOWED to do those things. If you DO comment in this community without applying you WILL be banned. Thank you.

one thing to get you started DONT FUCKING PROMOTE HERE OR ILL BAN YOU IN A HEARTBEAT .. go too PROMOTE for that thanks!

01;fill out the WHOLE application.
02; make sure your answers are not just one worded answers. Effort NEEDED!
03; dont put in a buncha pictures of your room or your clothing or something we're not rating your room we're rateing you
04; put your whole application including pictures behind a lj-cut. If you dont know how to do a lj-cut then read at the bottom after you're done reading the rest of the rules.
05; Post atleast 3 pictures with your application 2 of which show your whole face.
06; you do NOT need a proof sign unless asked for by a member or mod.
07; put AM I BEAUTIFUL? in the subject line so i know you read the rules.
08; dont comment on ever reply you get its fucking annoying
09; if you are rejected you may try once more in five days with new pictures and a new application.
10; bold either your answers or the questions so its easier to read the application. if you dont know how to bold look at the bottom.
11; do NOT be shitty with our members. If somebody says something that is uncalled for you may contact a mod or we will probably see it and say something about it. Other than that simple thank you's or add me's or anything like that is fine.
12; DONT type lyk3 thysz looks like you werent educated and it pisses me off

Both girls and BOYS are allowed in this community.
but i never heard of a beautiful guy ?

first 10 are auto accepted .. but if i dont think your beautiful i cant tell you your not accepted kay ?

accepted members;

1; Vote!! Please stay active! mod(s) will do checks and make sure everybody is staying active. If i notice you're not active you will be removed and WILL have to put in a new application and pictures to be voted in again.

2; ; Promote!! We will have posts every now and then for links of people you've invited. We wont do that often I realize a lot of you are in a lot of other communities but please try and invite as many as you can. thnx!

3; Dont be shitty. If you dont like somebody you dont need to be like OSDKJFOKAD OMG LIKE NO WAY! A simple 'no' is fine.

Make Ur App Prettyyyy (:

All The Basics
`sexual preference;

Top 5..
`beautiful people;

Beautiful People .. ( yes or no)
`Paris Hilton;
`Tyra Banks;
`Angalina Jolee;
`Brittney Murphy;

Word Association

`school class;
`sports team;

`what do you think of yourself;
`what do your friends think of you;
`where do you see yourself in 5-10 years;
`how many children do you want and why;
`what do you want to go to college for;
` promote too THREE places NOW and list links ( i will check );
` where did u hear about _so__beauiful ? :

;;post your pictures here. remember no less than 3 pictures! and a 100x100 for the info page if accepted.

;; to do a lj-cut --
<*lj-cut text="Application"*> pictures and application here <*/lj-cut*>

;; to bold --
<*b>put questions OR answers here <*/b*>

Just Take Out The Stars!! [**]

cccontrversial- auto accepted

00_hugs_00- auto accepted

wastexsomextime- auto accepted

_lindz_- auto accepted

cannedpie- auto accepted

lady_cliche- auto accepted

If you`d like your community to become a sister site please comment on kiss__me_harder 's LJ