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So you think you're Unique?
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The Mod:

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♥ After joining, you MUST apply within 48 hours
♥ Respect the Mods, and respect the community, or be asked to leave
♥ You may NOT post or comment if you are not an accepted member
Be nice or leave
♥ In the Lj cut to the application please write I'M A SUPERHERO DAMMIT! So i know you have read these rules
♥ You must be 14+ to apply
♥ If you are to leave the community please post an entry explaining why you are leaving us
♥ follow these rules or be banned
♥ fill out every single part of the application!, it's not too long, you should be fine
♥ When voting on applications please put your yes/no/or undecided answer in the subject line
♥ When posting pictures, please post under an lj cut.
♥ if you promote other communities here, please put under a cut, but be sure to promote us in their community as well.
♥ Don't talk shit or call names, that is NOT what we're about here.
♥ Promote like crazy
♥ If you do not like the reaction you get to your application DO NOT go to that persons personal journal and comment nasty things, TAKE IT AND GROW UP, everyone is entitled to their own opinion
♥ Make ALL posts Friend's Only, please and thank you...
♥ And Drama caused by a new member will result in that new member getting BANNED.

All Members MUST re-apply by Midnight of Jan. 1st..see MOD posts
Where Are Your From?
10 words about yourself, no more no less.
List 5 of your favorite things.
What Makes You Unique, and why?
What music intrests you?
What do you want to do with your life?
What are your opinions of the Mods?
Promote in 2 places, list them here
Post at least 2 clear pics of yourself here, there can be more, but at least 2 please

Do not use richtext! Just copy and paste this, we made it easy.

Promo Banners

Picture Hunt

1) You're holiday decorations around the house/ on your house
2) A picture of the grass outside, snow? no snow? explain the winter weather situation where you live
3) What will you wear on the holiday you celebrate? A picture of your holiday outfit.
4) A Picture of a house draped in Christmas lights (even if its a little and your neighbors) if there are none close by, this one is optional (just be sure to include why you couldn't get it if you cant)
5) A Picture of your Christmas stocking (if you have one) if not another picture of a decoration.
6) A random shot of anything around your house. (i know again, but this one is easy, and we like easy! haha be sure to have it be something different!)

Internet Hunt.
1. A Picture of Santa
2. A Picture of Your Favorite Christmas/Holiday Movie
3. A Picture of Your favorite Holiday CD
4. A Picture of an item of clothing you really want.
5. A Picture of something that makes you laugh. (again, make it something different, Im pretty sure this will remain a constant just so i know everyone can do it)

Text Theme.
Write your Holiday list, what you really want for the holiday you celebrate and why. Why do you want these things?

Simple and Fun for the Holidays!

1)10 points for each promote you make and showing the link.
2)50 points if you get a guy to join.
3)10 points for each banner you make.
4)30 points for getting your best friend to join!


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