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okay so i know we're dead but i started a new community
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Brand New: 20 Auto Accepts
+easy, short application you can play around with
+2 open co-mod spots
+cam-whore friendly
+open activities: the more members, the more activities
we rate, we rule, we rock, we know it.
if you think you're non_generic material, join it.
trueblood edward

For Sale

Hey girlies. I am currently making necklaces and selling them. These would be some of them.

$10 ($15 if shipped out of CA)

$20 ($25 if shipped out of CA)

Both can be made tighter if needed. I'm working on some other colored ones. I also make kandy for ravers, fyi. I have both colored and white abc beads so you can request something! (Kandies: 3 bracelets for $10 or 1 for $3, necklaces are $5 -$7 depending on length- All prices are lower if you live near me)