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_snorkle's Journal

~ Summer ~
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Welcome to _snorkle! This is the community for you if you like summer and hanging out with your friends because here you can be accepted if you fill out this survey and we like you!Also, you have to join this community to post, so please join!

If you wish to be apart of the team and recieve the acceptance banner to put in your info (you don't have to put it there ), you must put this survey in an LJ cut! Don't know how? No problem! Here's the code, take out the stars:

<*lj-*cut text=*"insert title here"*>* survey or other text here *


Favorite thing about summer:
Your favorite thing to do in summer:
Favorite summer past time:
Your favorite place to eat in summer:
Favorite thing to eat in summer:

Do you like trips:
Your dream summer is:

What you like to wear in summer:
Out of these, which would you rather go:

Why would you like to be in this community:
Pictures: ( optional )

1. No being disrespectful to anyone, if you don't like their survey, say why, but in a nice manner.
2. Please try not to advertise communities, it's okay, but only once.
3.Put your surveys in a LJ cut.
4. Have fun!