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 Hey Guys!

As you're no doubt aware, SS is currently down due to a poltergeist named Peeves. He's probably not aware that he could be doing a bigger job haunting the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park.

On that note - be sure to keep an eye on the SnitchSeeker twitter ( as several members of the news team are reporting LIVE from the opening. Not only are they meeting the stars who are visiting the resort, but they're also posting photographs... so well worth checking out!

We'll try to keep you guys updated via twitter or here... in the meantime, feel free to spam this post away.

And on a final note, here's what EmmaRiddle's just tweeted, live from the red carpet: 'J.K. Rowling is here with her husband!' Check the photo!
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Again. =[

Someone said since 2pm EST.  And apparently the gallery's what killed it?  Hurry up and get better, SS. <33333

((this always happens when I don't have work. lolol))

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Since no one posted on here before me yet, just in case anyone is wondering, I do believe the site is down again .... Have patience, chat on MSN, LJ, whatever, ... and the site will be up again before we know it.  It always is. ;)

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Is the site down or is it just punishing my procrastination?

*needs to send rest of secret santa presents*


EDIT: It's back just as i'm about to go to sleep.
Let me apologize in advance if any of the secret santa gifts are late... i'll have to get them done tomorrow after work.