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lovebulbs is proud to present: 


This TIFFANY'd lovebulb is the latest creation of the artist msB,
who is so full of compassion and love 
that I am so thrilled to know her and consider her a friend
Her love and compassion shines thru in all she does
Now her love and compassion makes this special
shine !!!


Compassion comes in Many Forms........
including this beautiful Tiffany'd lovebulb 
with Hearts and a Leaf, 
showing Compassion is as Beautiful as it is Meaningful.  
Loaded with Blues Pinks and Amber, 
this amazing LOVEBULB 
will look great in or out of lampshade.
All lovebulbs are 40 watts 
and designed for indoor use only.

"COMPASSION" - now on eBay



listen up if this is YOU:

okay.. my perfect girl anonymously replied to an old post i made in here. she likes southpark and yoga and things. and i want her to leave me some contact info so we can be in love.

i used to be kiltheprettyone, by the way. i changed my name.

thank you.
have a lovely day.
masked ball


seeing that its 420 and i haven't posted in a while i'm going to post

so HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING 420. i was going to go to UMASS Amherst to Extravaganja.

but plans fell through. bhag.

my "friend" is a complete idiot and gave me $$80 worth of coke for free

what a dumbshit.

gotta go roll an ounce joint,

happy toking and merry 420 to all my favorite lj potheads

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