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Is it a trend to be hating the smiths.............because it has it's own community

Since we're hating things that are big trends now like the smiths in this community, Ive chosen my assingment to hate overrated English literature. William Shakespeare is perhaps the MOST overrated artist in history. He makes Bright Eyes, The Smiths, and the Postal Service look like bands who really know their stuff, like all the hardcore bands everyone seems to enjoy. HAMLET= A stinking piece of shit passing itself off as one of the greatest stories man has ever written. TAMING OF THE SHREW=A sick, vulgar attempt at a romantic comedy. I mean does this even compare to the hilarious combination of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman? I THINK NOT! I spit on Shakespeare! It's laborious to even fathom that people actually find his work interesting.

Ugh Im off to go vomit on my copies of Bigmouth Strikes Again!, Give it Up, and Macbeth. Then I'm going to go kick and punch people while listening to some American Nightmare! Hell fucking yeah.........bitches!

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