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_smax is a community where you can write about the things you hate, things that annoy you, or things that you love. This is pretty much shitlisting things and lovelisting things all in one. Whether it's grades or colors or that annoying girl who seems to know the answer to every single question in the world, you can complain about it all in here. Or you can shout to the world about the love of your life. whatever. You can make unlimited posts each day, until the mods find that it's getting completely out of hand.

Basic Rules
1. Write whatever you want, unless it's something totally untolerable or illegal or discriminatory.
2. Other people who write negative comments about what people like/hate, just shut it and take your drama elsewhere. Nobody tells you what you're allowed to like/dislike. Please just keep the drama to a minimum.

Mods= time_warped and alright_meow