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I'm gonna promote this community so we can get it active again! Check out the user info, promotional banners are there. We'll see what happens.
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Update about a mod:

For those of you who may or may not know fnck is not a real person. I repeat, not a real person. It's all in his blog, latest entry being open to everyone. I'm quite sure that means Rick is no longer a mod in this community. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and to have waited so long to bear them! Sorry, all the coming-out info is in the user info:

Let's pick this community up! I've got exams right now, but after that and before I go to Poland, I think we can definitely get some more people back up in here!

What's the story, morning glory?

So I'm basically living life at my high school. It's Do-Or-Die in the theater world-- we have have two weeks before showtime, and we don't have it together yet. We'll make it, but we're getting into the whole stressing out stage.

We're putting on Bye Bye Birdie, which I really enjoy even though a lot of others don't. Have any of you ever seen Bye Bye Birdie? Been involved in theater?

Also, yesterday I went to the Carousel Dinner Theater in Akron, Ohio and saw Thoroughly Modern Millie-- it was great! Have any of you ever seen it? Or, on a freak chance, ever been to the Carousel?

I'm in a theater kind of mood!
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Stamped member - looking for help

Can anybody here recommend an active layout request community.

I'm after a layout but for the life of me all I can find is inactive layout communities and no active ones. So can anybody recommend one or does anybody make layouts here at all?
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