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You Slut!

Sluts Are Us***
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All Members
First Five To Apply Automatically Accepter

Your Maintainer

Kim - x_kplayah_x

The Rules :

1. You must be 13 years of age, or older.
2. Your photos must be clear.
3. No voting until you are STAMPED.
4. All pictures and applications must be behind an lj cut. If you fail to do this you are AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED.
5. Put AM I A SLUT? in the subject line.
6. If you are rejected you may try again with new pics at any time.
7. This community is for guys and girls
8. Do not be rude to stamped members you will be AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED.


Name :
Age :
Sex :
Sexuality :
Five things that you love :
Five things that you hate :
Five Bands :
Five Movies :
Pet Peves :
A crazy fact about yourself :
Are you a virgin :
(if yes)Farthest youve been :
(if no)How many times :
Would you ever do things with someone of the same sex :
Why are you a slut :
Anything else you want us to know :
How did you hear about us :
Promote to 3 people and tell us their username :
Now add 4 pictures of your sluttyness :


Accepted Members
Jessica - xxlilwonderxx
Angie - shortblondii069
Julie - belle_copine
Jenny - b00biez
Sansie - scrappyzangel

Rejected Members
Ashley - h0tsweetdreamz