Name : Sansie.
Age : 14.
Sex : tits and pussy.
Sexuality : straight.
Five things that you love : my boyfriend, my cat, my feet, food, and music.
Five things that you hate : bitches, backstabbers, rednecks, depression, and wiggers.
Five Bands : juvinial, lil jon, ludacris, jay-z, n.e.r.d.
Five Movies : thirteen, fools rush in, lockdown, don't say a word, and coyote ugly.
Pet Peves : um.. farting. haha.
A crazy fact about yourself : i can put both my legs behind my head. =D
Are you a virgin : yes.. haha.
(if yes)Farthest youve been : not far at all. =(
(if no)How many times : 0
Would you ever do things with someone of the same sex : yes. and i HAVE.
Why are you a slut : everyone seems to think i am.. and i like to wear my bra and thong and take pictures because i am a fucking slut face. =)
Anything else you want us to know : um.. i make out with guy i just meet. =)
How did you hear about us : i searched for "slut".
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