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The Horace Slughorn Fanclub
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Buttons popping, name dropping, and fat cocks galore!

Welcome to our elite gathering, home to the admirers of such a fine figure man as Professor Horace 'Sluggy' Slughorn. Here we meet regularly to discuss all those subjects near and dear to the heart of our darling professor, as well as make the connections that we all shall be grateful for in later life. In fact, I daresay we should discuss whatever we wish, as long as it is relatable to Master Slughorn or his society.

I am your host: biichan. It is my purpose here to keep the conversation, mead, and good humour flowing. Please, do make my job easier by refraining from fanning the flames of debate so hard that our meeting hall is incinerated.

Quite naturally, the Slug Club is an equal opportunity community, appealing to both het writers and slashers alike. We are fond of artists, writers, and those metaphorical thinkers who just like to sit around drinking mead and arguing canon. Did I mention we have a lot of mead? Quite a lot of candied pineapple as well.

Perverse and decadent stories and art are allowed in this community--in fact, they are encouraged! Please, feel free to feed your fellow members' decadent and unclean lusts. It's only fair. And we all do enjoy seeing the results.

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