Slooshy: to listen, or hear.

_slooshy, a music community.
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+You're probably asking yourself...slooshy? What's that?
Slooshy is part of a nadsat slang. Nadsat slang is used in A Clockwork Orange. Slooshy means to listen, or hear.

+In slooshy you may most anything music related. Examples:
.post lyrics.
.post recommendations.
.talk about any bands.
.post music icons/banners.
The list goes on.

+Slooshy also has contests. So, look out for those.

+Hell, maybe you'll even make a friend.

+Don't fight with anyone. Just 'cause we don't like that shit.

+Don't promote your communites here. If you want to, the community must be music related (ex.a community for bands,etc.) You must also ask Emma, Hope, or Sarah. (Contact info below).

+If you do promote your community here without asking, it will be deleted no questions asked. Promote more than twice without asking? We'll ban your ass.

+Once you join this community, feel free to post an entry talking a little about yourself, and what bands you enjoy. Make yourself known.

+If posting song lyrics post the artist.

+have fun. <33.

-Follow the rules. We watch this community like hawks.

xraabmyself - Emma (AllApologies928@aol.com)
unbeatable_high - Sarah (xxtoxicwaste@aol.com)
reznors_biatch - Hope (Hglastris@aol.com)
mousepoo - Danielle (danibelle@gmail.com)

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