Pukka ... Brio ... (xox_lullow_xox) wrote in _slooshy,
Pukka ... Brio ...

Hi all!

I just joined! I love music and this seems like a chill place to meet some online buddies who dig it as well. I'm into Incubus, The Doors, Hanson (they've come a long way, alright?), Coheed and Cambria, and tons tons tons of others. I'm rockin "Golden State" by Bush right now, but only because I am choreographing a piece for next year's dance show at my college to "Fair." Not that I am not a Bush fan... because they rock. I just don't usually listen to them.

Besides listening to music, I love to read (a lot), dance, and visit the ocean, even though it terrifies me. I was in a two-person band for a short while as a singer, and even though I play the guitar, I don't enjoy it and therefore I am not that good at it and therefore, when my guitarist quit to persue acting and modeling, I was moored... and the situation continues. So - anyone in South Orange County looking for a singer? :) Anyway, that's a bit about me. Pleased to meet you.

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