L(aura) Cushing (charisma) wrote in _slooshy,
L(aura) Cushing

Preparing for the Execution

Security is a kind of death- Tennessee Williams

Stop twitching
like you're already hanging
a week to the execution
and you're pre-dying
eyes buzzing
flies bulging

Celebrate your insecurity
live for those
tenuous connections
like leaves
in moments before freefalling
just leap - never care
where you'll land

Because existence
is such a shitty synonym
for living
and I? I want to live
live like I'm on death row
seconds before
the executioner's hand
delivering a lethal
injection of life

and when the needle
passes through I want
to laugh
keep laughing

because life stains
like blood and I want
to live like tomorrow
just isn't coming anymore
because it's the hairsbreadth moments
between insecurity and sunrise
last night and goodbye
that we break free
of this incarcerated life

Oh, stop shackling your own feet
manacled to your house and car
your credit card clicking
like the jailor's keys

Stop placing your face
willingly behind the iron bars

Nevermind, go ahead, exist
like you're walking-dead

Despite my insecurities
I'll grip firmly the trembling hand of death
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