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The Villians

Here We Come

For The Real Horror Movie Fans
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Are you a real horror movie fan? Join us. This is the community to discuss only films that scare. Slasher movies, Zombie movies, the Paranormal whatever it may be, write about them here.

About me, the creator, personally I havn't found a film yet to scare me and I've seen some of the greats. My personal favorites however are Black Christmas, Sleepaway Camp(the series), Texas Chainsaw Massacre(the original), The Shining, Scream, Prom Night, Friday The 13th(the series up until he goes to space or some shit), etc. My main interests are Slasher movies from back in the day and mainly Slasher movies. The whole zombie thing is just boring, all that stuff where people just go crazy involves too much story(good stories, just having to remember who's related to the main characters cousin who once died in a car accident when a random ass guy ran into the middle of the road which drove him off the cliff in the first place, kind of takes the horror out of a movie), the demon/possesion shit is kind of funny and just cool, and so on and so on. Slasher movies never get boring. They get ruined by on going sequals, but the originals stay awsome and never get old. Personally, I think the classics are the only good ones. Nowadays movies are filled with either fucked up little kids killing everyone, cheezy ghost movies, or hollywoods dumbass idea's to remake or further go classics. I myself want to eventually write horror screeplays, because I hope to put some fear back into people. I figure you combine my love for horror movies, with my lack of fear for other horror movies, with my fears, all with my hatred for nowadays horror movies, you'll get one scary ass movie. But again I'm just sick of today's horror movies. All of them are cut down and edited to the point where they take all the horror out, but it's okay cause it's PG-13 and they can get younger kids to go to it and make more money. My philosophy with that idea....FUCK THAT!. That's lame. And with all the remakes...god hollywood needs to stop. I did hear Dawn Of The Dead was a good remake, but what's the difference? Every Zombie movie is the same! There was no point in remaking it. They were only risking it be worse then the original, and they shouldn't have even took the rist. Fuck remakes. Psycho was bad enough, but then they remake Texas Chainsaw Massacre? I saw that movie, and I'll admitt I was never more bored in my life. The only reason I kept watching it, was cause Jessica Beil was kind of hot. But is that what horror movies have come to these days? The look of the cast? Then they keep ruining classics like when they actually made Freddy VS Jason. Talk about a load of crap!

Anyway, that's me and where I stand on this community. Like I said I think Zombie movies are completly over-done and boring, but if you like them then come on in. Unlike a lot of communities, this place is to discuss horror movies and debate what's good. Feel free to laugh at someone scared by a movie you laughed at for being so stupid. Hell I can't wait for one of those "The Ring was soooo scary!" people to come along.

All in all, I say Welcome!