October 8th, 2005


So yeah, I'm trying to figure out the name of this film cause holy shit does it sound good.

My friend was describing it to me, and it sounds awsome.

So basically a guy and his wife move into this house, and one night while sleeping, theres a knock on their door. The guy gets up, and see's a tape sitting out on their front porch. Confused, he puits it on only to see the tape is footage of the outside of their house being filmed. The next night, same thing happens. Knock, Tape, Footage of the house. The following night after, a thrid time there is a knock, and the mane gets up, gets to the door, see's another tape. This time he puts it in, and it's now footage of him and his wife sleeping.

even typing that gave me chills.

Anyonew have any clue on what this is???
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