February 17th, 2005

Massacre At Central High and April Fools Day

This weeks horror movies were Massacre At Central High and Aprils Fools Day, and I saw one that I loved, and one I hated.

First off I looooved April Fools Day. Very good acting, good script, pretty predicatble ending, but really good. I'd definatly buy it.

Now for Massacre At Central High....by far one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen. The whole story was just retarded. The guy gets picked on by this group he refused to join, and then eventually make a car fall on his leg while he's working on it....all after the car falls on his leg, he's able to walk...and kill people. What the fuck? And each death is pretty lame, except one where he didn't even do anything(a guy dove into an empty pool). People in the school like see all these people die, yet they act like it's no big deal. They're just like "Oh....he's dead?...well I didn't do it!" And yeah all these kids die in school, yet you don't see one teacher or principal through out the whole movie. You don't even see a cop until the last 2 seconds of the movie. Sooooo fuckin lame. DO NOT RENT IT!!!

Any comments?
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