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Halloween 4 & 5 and Silent Night Deadly Night

This week I watched Halloween 4 and 5 from my Halloween 1-5 ebay order(now I just need to watch 3) and Silent Night Deadly Night also from ebay(and I still need to watch SNDN2)

Halloween 4:I thought this movie was fuckin great! For not having Jaime Lee Curtis's original character, and trying to pass of a sequal without her, they did a good job with the little girl Jaime. I thought she was a good actress too. I thought the ending was great, and I dind't expect it at all. It left me completely confused, yet I had to see the 5th one right away.

Halloween 5:Halloween 5 seemed to me, to be even better then 4. I loved it. Through out the whole movie though, I couldn't get over how god damn annoying Dr. Loomis is. He keeps acting like he knows what will work to finally kill Michael, yet Michael has gotten away each and every time. Speaking of Michael dying, I thought how they played off Michael living in 4 was brilliant. And just like the 4th, after seeing Halloween 5 I now have to see 6 badly. Please don't spoil anything.

One thing I think they should have just done to Michael after a while, is transported him to a hospital or prison or whatever somewhere across the country, cause every time they'd hold him or "kill him" he'd come back, mainly on foot. If they put him in...washington or something, he wouldn't of had such an easy time getting back to his home town.


Silent Night, Deadly Night:Because I had stayed up the night before and had not slept, I kept falling asleep during this movie, but I'd either wake up and continue watching it, or press pause and go take a nap for a while. But from what I do remember of the movie, I thought it was pretty good. Not the greatest, but not bad. I guess it made sense and it was decent, but I thought the triggering of Billy's muderous rage, could have been triggered better. It wasn't bad though.

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